Happy New Year 2015!

            Well, it has been a couple years since a Christmas/New Year's letter has been written, and you may be thinking, "Who Cares?"  Honestly, I enjoy getting Christmas greetings with news, updates, and pictures of the people we love and care about!  So, for a few moments, here is the news from our home to yours!  Read if you so choose, at risk of drudgery and boredom:                       


              We started off 2014 with frigid Texas weather, then headed for the warmer climate of Arizona.  Thus began a series of 5 Missions Conferences (which I will hereafter refer to as MCs) through the end of February.  March was         MC #6 in Englewood, Colorado.  This I was blessed to attend, as no doggies kept me in Arizona.  Onward to California     in mid-March for MC #7 and several other dates.  It was such a blessing to see God's people digging deep to do more    for the cause of Christ in their missions giving each year!

              In April we were in Nevada and New Mexico, and Mark flew me out to Kansas for the arrival of our #6 grandchild!! Yahoo!!  Miss Evelynn Grayce Warner made her grand entrance on April 16!  Oh, since I didn't do a letter last year, Sept. 15, 2013, Rolen Abel Spray (grandchild #5) was born!  He is already 15 months old, and Lisa is now expecting their 5th--a girl due in February!  We are BLESSED!  Wow, I got a little distracted with the grands!  Might as well give you all their status:

            Wesley (9, 4th grader, hunter, reader, football & piano player), LT (almost 7, 1st grade, loves the outdoors, animals--especially birds, learning to trap with his dad), Liberty (4, just wants to be a real princess! AND a boy, because then she can have a pocket knife.  She's our red head, with the personality that entails!), Rolen (15 months, pretty much wants to be wherever mom is!  A great delight is for him to “want” Oma to pick him up!)---These are Lo & Lisa's clan.  They have bought a good piece of land and have moved back to Arkansas, looking forward to building their "forever" home in the near future. Lo still works for BNSF Railway.  Titus (4, the image of his dad and has those mechanical abilities, but temperament is very much his mom!  He has a pretty active imagination! It melts my heart when he says, "Oma, do you know that I love ya?"), Evie (nearly 9 months already and such a happy little gal. She wins you over with her huge smile that lights up the entire room!  I think she wakes up with a bow on!)---These two are Billy & Brittney's family, and they have added 2 pigs and 12 chickens to the count!  Billy is an operator at the oil refinery sulfur unit.  Brittney is presently moving up to EVP in Arbonne.  Both our girls are stay at home moms, and I'm so proud of them! Garden, canning, sewing, good mommy’s and wives, and most importantly…faithful to God!

             May found us in Oklahoma, Kansas, and then on to Colorado for the camp season.  Silver State Baptist Youth Camp takes up our summer.  We have been so blessed to have the privilege to serve there for the past 22 yrs (21 for me).  Each year it seems better than the previous!  What makes the hours and weeks worth it all?  Seeing children, teens, and adults making decisions for Christ!  Stats:  Salvation--94; Surrender--39; Rededication--8  These are only the cards turned in.  Only God knows the true numbers!  We are amazed at all the Lord has done! HE alone is worthy to be praised!

              After camp, Mark flew me out to surprise Lisa & family in Arkansas!  Ten glorious days with the grands and had a couple days with Brittney and her crew as she helped me pull off the surprise by picking me up at airport!  Thanks Mark for that special treat!  We dropped our RV off in Cheyenne and made a quick trip to the NW.  We were blessed to spend precious time with my dad and mom (who just celebrated their 65th wedding anniversary) and family in Idaho.  I'm very thankful for the legacy they have and are leaving for their kids, grands, and great grands!  We are BLESSED beyond measure and grateful to the Lord, from Whom all blessings flow!  We were without our trailer for 5 weeks, which made me VERY thankful for my home on wheels!  Speaking of our RV... in May we ordered a new one!  God worked in so many ways, and we received many special donations that truly made it possible for us to be able to buy it... Miracles still happen!  He gives better than we deserve, but we are extremely grateful!  The new RV was ready in September, but we had places to be in Nebraska (men's retreat), then back to Kansas for a very special MC #8 ~ Jubilee at TBC, El Dorado, Kansas (our home church).  It was a very special meeting that won't be forgotten.  What a legacy TBC has had, and they have given so much to Missions over the past 60 years!  We are honored to be a part of this awesome church!

              October 20 we started moving into our new RV!  Wow, blessings abound and my heart is overflowing! Ok, let me wrap up quickly!  November we traveled to Kansas and Texas (Thanksgiving & New Years with the Spain's in Decatur). December was Arkansas, Missouri, and Kansas again.   God has truly worked in our lives as we travel from state to state. He has granted safety over countless miles.  Seeing Him work is worth it all!  It seems as though the return of our Savior is drawing so close!  Are you ready?

              We pray that this New Year you will remember the TRUE Reason for the Season we just celebrated!  Remember the most precious gift in the world is the gift of Salvation!  If you haven't received it, please don't delay!

 “For God so loved the world, that He GAVE His only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in Him should not perish, but have everlasting life.”   John 3:16

Happy New Year!



Mary & Mary Gray


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