Hurry Up Spring!

     Wow, where is the time going? It is already the middle of March, and it seems we have not stopped running since the first of the year. We started our year off in Texas, where days were cold and crisp. Mary loves the cold weather, but I am an admitted fair-weather wimp! Praise the Lord for the many years of scheduled Missions conferences in Arizona!!!

     We arrived in AZ in the middle of January. Thus began a series of seven conferences dedicated to Missions. For many years, Mary and I have been giving to Faith Promise Missions. It is the Biblical way of giving, and these meetings have become our very favorite to be a part of. These meetings are also the reason the Lord has allowed so many missionaries to become such close, personal friends.

     We were so pleased to see how the Lord moved in each meeting. Every church has its own personality and approaches Faith Promise a little differently; but this is what makes each one so enjoyable. I believe each church increased their commitment for the next year. Every missionary went away, I believe, as blessed as Mary and I were. Our last conference took us to Victorville, CA, where we were with Bible Baptist Church. This was our 10th year in a row at their meeting, and it was one of the best ever. Sunday morning, three precious souls went from darkness to Light in accepting Christ as their personal Savior! The Missions banquet on Sunday evening was so well attended that they had to bring out the old heavy tables that had been stored. Every table was full, and Bro. F. C. Lasater did a tremendous job of preaching while encouraging everyone to be involved in the great need of spreading the Gospel of Christ to a lost and dying world.

     We are anticipating the arrival of our 6th grandchild next month! Just 4 weeks left before Evelynn Grayce Warner arrives! Rolen is already 6 months! Yes, the time seems to be flying by rapidly! Mary will fly to KS a few days before the baby is due. She is hoping that baby will wait for Oma’s arrival, but we are pretty certain that Brittney is ready NOW!

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Two of our best friends.  Carroll Frankland and J. C. Joiner


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