Happy New Year!!

     Mark asked me to write the thank you and update to our supporting churches and individuals as this year rapidly comes to a close. There is so much to say, but he wanted me to share with you how God showed Himself very real to our family. On December 23, at 9:15 a.m., I was with my daughter, Lisa, and our 5 grandchildren in their home. We had received a weather alert at 7, but it was north of us. Mark dropped me and our laundry off at Lisa's and all was calm. I was joking with him as he left letting him know I loved him and if we got blown away, don't grieve for me! Laundry started, dishes next... then... Wesley had gone outside to see the rain and wind then came back in saying how bad the wind was. We went over to the back window to look out. There was no warning and tree branches started snapping! As Lisa ran to her room to get the sleeping baby, the rest of us went to the kitchen area crying out to God to help us! We barely had time to get away from the windows, and suddenly we were in the midst of all the cracking and trembling! To our surprise, we were hit by a tornado that could have been fatal, but God in His mercy, heard our cry for help! Quick as it started, it was over. The rain was still pounding, and we were all able to escape the battered home, stepping over debris (Liberty without shoes) to a business across the street. I was calling Mark as we ran through the rain telling him we'd been hit. The first responders were there within minutes, and of the three homes hit, no one was hurt--1st no one home, 2nd was us, 3rd a 95yr old woman that was sitting in her living room as her trailer blew to pieces. She didn't have a scratch! God's hand was upon us! There is no earthly reason that trailer shouldn't have blown away! Many have reached out to help our kids with clean up and even gifts to help them in their time of need. The Red Cross was there to help and many from the community. It was overwhelming to see all the people come together to aid those in need. Mark was helping right along with the others, and I was on Oma duty from that moment on. Seeing the destruction in Garland, TX the next day makes our little twister look like a dirt devil! We feel such heartbreak for those who lost loved ones. We can see God's hand in so many things from the very beginning! It truly is an awesome thing to behold. God is always good! He cares and takes care of us. He walks on the wings of the wind, no matter if the wind is a soft gentle breeze or a tornado that takes out everything you own (thank you Twila for your words of wisdom). Much of their household things are safe and mostly dry. Stuff can be replaced. Sure has made us aware of what is really important, and that isn't "stuff"! Praising Him for His protection and now His direction in the steps ahead.

Thanks to all that have prayed with us from the first hours. We are humbled at the calls, texts, emails and gifts given to our kids. Overwhelmed! Hearts softened. God please help us to always be grateful for each moment we have with our loved ones! Help us to be more like YOU in 2016!

     Thank you so very much for you support of the ministry God has placed us in. Words simply aren't sufficient to express our thanks to each of you! With much love and deep appreciation for all He has done for us through each of you! May God bless each one and may we see more lives fully surrendered to Him in the New Year!

Mark & Mary Gray

Psalms 104:33

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