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New Fifth wheel on order!



     Today is a very big day for us. Many have followed and prayed for us through the saga of our current fifth wheel trials. It has been a GREAT home for us over the last 7 1/2 years. After much council and prayer, Mary and I are ordering a new rig. We have seen the Lord really move the last couple weeks in starting to make this move possible. We have found a Christian owned dealership in Elk City, KS who is really working with us to make this possible. Already we have had quite a few say they will help with this endeavor. Mary spent about an hour and a half going over all the things she wanted and we are now getting very excited about picking it up the later part of October. They have been VERY generous in the trade in of our current rig. Some may not realize this, but it is our HOME. For almost 34 years we have traveled, lived and raised our family in a trailer of some kind. God has been so good to us to keep us safe as we travel. Our desire is this will be the last rig we will ever have to purchase and I want it to be what Mary needs. Not many women could do what Mary has done all these years and I want her to be happy with what we order. Please pray the needed funds will come in for this as we have until the end of October to raise the rest of what we will need so we do not have to finance anything. If anyone desires it, we would be glad to send pictures and information about the one we are ordering. It will be so nice not to have to worry about axels, brakes and hydraulics, all of which have been obsolete on our current rig for about 3years now. Thanks in advance for all your prayers!


      Many have asked how they might help on the new fifth wheel.  Well..  Here is a link where you can go to make a contribution to the trailer fund.  It is tax deductible through Mark Gray Music Minstry.  You may also send a check to payable to Mark Gray Music Ministry and state it is for the new fifth wheel.  Send to:

Mark Gray Music Ministy

27 Keno Dr.

Cherokee Village, AR 72529

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Evie  is here!  Mary and I are so excited about the birth of our newest grand-baby.  Her name is Evelynn Grayce Warner!
Birthday: 4/16
7 lbs 12 ozs
19 1/2 inches


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Two of our best friends.  Carroll Frankland and J. C. Joiner

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