Praise God, from Whom all blessings flow;
Praise Him, all creatures here below;
Praise Him above, ye heavenly host;
Praise Father, Son, and Holy Ghost.

     These are the words Thomas Ken wrote in 1674. Many have referred to this as the Doxology. The meaning is commonly known as being a song dedicated to praise and worship given unto God. I must say it is a wonderful place in which we serve the Lord. We have been able to “Praise the Lord” through music now almost 34 years. He truly is worthy of all the honor and praise we can give.

     Mary and I are now in Kansas having just completed 5 weeks of being in the Northwest. My, how we were blessed! We had not been able to spend any length of time there in almost 3 years. It was great being able to rekindle friendships with so many churches we had sung for many times in the years past. We were in Idaho, Washington, Oregon, Wyoming and ended up in Nebraska. A real highlight was the High Plains Men’s Retreat just outside of Omaha. It was the 3rd time I was privileged to be a part of this meeting. This year I had the honor of even being with our own pastor, Ron Jones, who along with pastor Bill Marshall brought tremendous messages to challenge all of us men.

One of the older songs I have been singing of late has been an old Stuart Hamblin song, “It Is No Secret.” It is the testimony of a man who had a dramatic change in his life the moment he received Christ. More and more the Lord has used this song along with old standards like “How Great Thou Art” to drive home the thought of how a person can never be the same if truly born again. Only a great God can do a work like this in the life of a person. The power of music is constantly proved as we share the music the Lord had brought our way through the years. I am always touched when someone comes up and expresses how a song has moved them. We have been blessed to see many decisions. I praise Him for the way He honors His word as it goes forward through music, testimony and scripture.

     We are only about a week away from taking possession of our new fifth wheel. We have had many who have helped to make this possible. We praise the Lord for your help and prayers. Please continue pray for us as we plan on going to pick it up October 20th. It will take a couple days to move all the stuff from one rig to another. I will also have to be schooled in the new mechanics involved with all the changes that come with much newer, hi tech components this RV has.

Psalms 104:33

Picking up new home October 20th!


      Many have asked how they might help on the new fifth wheel.  Well..  Here is a link where you can go to make a contribution to the trailer fund.  It is tax deductible through Mark Gray Music Minstry.  You may also send a check to payable to Mark Gray Music Ministry and state it is for the new fifth wheel.  Send to:

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