“Praise God from Whom all Blessings Flow!” This is a song I love to have the campers sing when we begin our time of testimonies on Friday evenings at Silver State Baptist Youth Camp. We have just finished up our time at SSBYC and are on the road again. This song surely wraps up the way we feel about this year’s 8 weeks of campers that made the trek up the mountain. We were able to see the Lord move each week and saw many decisions for Christ. Mary tries to keep track of the salvation decisions, and her count was 126. There were many more decisions made, with 14 for full time service and many teens asking that God’s will to be done in their lives. We were blessed to have a tremendous slate of speakers for the summer. Pastors Park Sutton, Clifton Mizer, Dean Herring, Ron Jones, Bill Marshall, and David Hetzer were our speakers. We had a change of plans for our missionary for the summer. Bro. Dave Disney was undergoing some medical treatment and was not able to be with us as planned. We had local church planters instead. They all did a great job presenting the need for new churches to be established across the country.

     I look back with amazement at what God has done over the years as He has allowed us the honor of serving Him. This year was our 24th year to be just a very small part of the ministry of SSBYC. The camp was started 70 years ago, and there are pastors and missionaries all over the world in the Lord’s service as a result of the camp’s ministry. Untold thousands have come to know Christ as their Savior as a result. I thank the Lord for the way He has allowed us to serve there. I was thinking just this summer, if you added up all the weeks Mary and I have been parked there, it would add up to just over 4 years. We have spent more of our married life at SSBYC than any other place in the country!

     We are now headed to the Northwest for the rest of the summer and most of the fall. We will have one quick trip to the mid-west for the High Plains Men’s retreat in Nebraska. We are so excited to be in many churches we have not been able to get to for years. When we started out over 35 years ago, we would spend 3 months in the Northwest alone. Now, the last 7-8 years, we have only been there maybe 3 weeks out of the year. Please pray the Lord will bless in each service or concert, and we will see souls saved and lives changed.

In His service,

Mark & Mary Gray

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2 Do You Know My Jesus
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10 It Is Finished
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12 Looking For The Grace
13 Were It Not For Grace
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