Fall is here Winter is on its way!

It is early on a Monday morning as Mary and I are finishing up a tremendous time here in the Northwest. We have been able to spend a little longer here than we have in the last few years. It has been a joy to see dear friends and see how the Lord has been blessing. We have one more week before we will begin to make our way back towards Kansas.

One of the real joys Mary and I have is being able to see old friends. I graduated from high school in Lakewood, Washington, way back in 1975. I was a member of a very dynamic youth department at Lakewood Baptist Temple. I had the honor of seeing a number of the other “young” people that were part of that group while we have been singing in the area. I thank the Lord for lasting friendships, and that the Lord is still working in many of their lives.

Here of late, I have had the privilege of singing another Mark Bishop song entitled “I’m Gonna Wish I'd Worried Less.” Seems the older I get, the more I worry about things I would have never even given a second thought. I have had folks come up and say that they are right there with me at this stage of their life. I am so thankful that, even when I do find myself fretting over things, I have a God who is still in complete control. I do, though, look forward to and long for the day to come when all worry and strife is over. Here are the lyrics to this wonderful song:

I’m Gonna Wish I Had Worried Less

Remember when we had no worries. Not a care in the world; we were young.
Laughing and playing, no time for tears. But in a few years they would come.
Now everyday has its problems. They only get worse everyday.
When I’m overwhelmed I remember something my dad used to say.

Looking back through the years, turning back every page
God was there all the time, every step of the way.
We live by His grace; doing our best. Yet we can’t help but to worry and fret.
When the bills are all due, when the words come out wrong
When the dreams that we have never do come along.
But God always works things out for the best.
Looking back now I can see I was blessed.
When it’s all said and done and the race has been run
I’m gonna wish I had worried less.

The years really do turn like pages. How quickly the chapters are done.
We’re a little bit older and wiser, with a few less miles left to run.
Not everyday had the storm clouds; not everyday sunny skies.
But there’ll be a day when we’ll all look back and maybe then we’ll realize…

I want to ask for your special prayers. Mary and I will be heading back across Wyoming in the next couple weeks. Yes, I know I am already worrying… but that is why I am asking now for prayer. By November the weather can already begin to get a little unpredictable, with possible snow and ice. We will be headed towards Kansas and are going to take a little time to be with Brittney and her family as we sing. We also like to be in our home church at least one Sunday as just regular church members.

Prayo for us as we travel!

Mark & Mary Gray

Psalms 104:33


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