Merry Christmas

Mary and I can hardly believe where the time went this year.  The Lord allowed us to travel to 15 States, singing in 95 churches.  We were privileged to spend our 31st summer serving at Silver State Baptist Youth Camp.  We were parked there right at 10 weeks.  Needless to say, we stayed busy.  We had so many great services throughout the year.  From concerts to Missions Conferences and the many services during camp, we saw the Lord move in many mighty ways.

I wanted to expand on a problem I mentioned briefly in our last letter.  When we came into Kansas from SSBYC, I noticed the truck sounded a little different.  To make a long story short, the TMC (Transmissions Control Module) had gone out.  We found out that everything to do with the proper function of the transmission is controlled by this vey important part.  After being officially confirmed by our dealership, the service manager said they couldn’t help, as there were no TMCs to be found anywhere.  We were dead in the water, as far as being able to pull our home on wheels.  Fortunately, we were able to get to our daughter Brittney’s place, where we have a full RV pad and hookups.  When we left camp, Mary followed with our Explorer, so we had that to use for all our dates which were scheduled.  Thanks to the churches who allowed us to use their mission’s apartments and the friends we were able to stay with.  Well, we found a place that could rebuild the TMC we had, and they gave a lifetime warranty with the repair.  We had that done, and the truck is up and working again perfectly.  We must also say thanks to the many folks who found out about this need… it was totally covered by the generosity of those who gave to take care of it.

As we enter this time of celebrating the birth of our Saviour, I am reminded how God kept His promise of a virgin giving birth.  He fulfilled His promise of the perfect Lamb of God paying the price for our sins on a cross.  He rose again the third day, again just as He has said he would do.  We can rest assured in this troubled world; He will keep the promise of His return.  When will this be?  I don’t know, but I do know His coming is closer than it was yesterday!

Thanks so much for your prayers and faithful support!

In His service,

Mark and Mary Gray

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!