Summer is Upon Us!!!

Psalms 104:33

I will sing praise to the Lord as long as I live, I will sing praise to my God while I

have my being!

In the famous words of the kid I watched on TV, Theodore “Beaver” Cleaver,
“Who would have thunk it?” Who would have ever thought that our country would
shut down, and in just five weeks, so many people would have been put out of work

and churches would have been told they could not meet together. It has been an eye-
opening time for most, as we have witnessed just how easy it will be for some of the

things we read in Scripture to take place. Pastors were put in very tough situations by
having to make decisions no pastor should have to make. It is important to
remember, though, that we are not the first to experience things like this. If we truly
believe Scripture, then we know these things will come to pass. I have had the
privilege of being behind the Iron Curtain before it came down. I have seen the price
Christians paid even when they had to meet in secret. I praise the Lord for the
freedoms we have had all these years. I am 63 now, but it all goes to show us how
fragile these liberties can be when we have strayed so far from the very God that gave
us those liberties.
It has been such a blessing to see how God has moved and supplied for Mary and I
as we have had dates cancelled. We spent about two weeks parked in Pahrump, NV,
at Choice Hills Baptist Church, where we were able to be a part of their online
services. We were scheduled to be there on Easter. We did a pre-Easter concert
online and had asked for requests. In the week and a half before the concert, over 3 1⁄2
hours’ worth of songs had been requested. I was able to get it down to about an hour
a fifteen minutes; and my, how the Lord blessed! The comments of appreciation
poured in, and It really seemed the Lord was able to give a needed blessing to many
who were hold up in their homes.
One of the other blessings we’ve seen is the unbelievable opportunity this situation
has allowed for us to be a witness. It seems as though people are really thinking
about spiritual things more than before, and conversation is very easy to be able to
witness for the Lord. We have tried to take advantage of this and have had many
opportunities to talk about and share Christ.
I am asking for special prayer concerning upcoming camp this summer at Silver
State. Please pray folks will come when all opens up. Bro. Jimmy made the
announcement that the first three weeks have been cancelled and an extra week added
to end of the summer. It would be a great tragedy to lose a whole summer of
decisions if we can’t open as planned. Mary and I will be heading to Colorado May
21st and then on up to Camp for the summer on May 29th. Please pray for us as we
travel that the Lord will use us for His glory in the days to come.