Fall 2020 is Upon Us

Fall is Here!


Well, the leaves have started turning and fall is now upon us. I love the changing of colors from green to yellow then to orange and bright red. Ultimately the leaves turn brown to die and fall to the ground. I was thinking about the reality of things dying in the fall only to be given new life in the spring. Winter is just around the corner. Winter is a barren time between fall and spring. It seems as we have come through a very rough year and as fall is upon us we still have a winter to go through. It might be even more troubling as we enter a spiritual winter dependent upon how people respond.   Praise the Lord there is a spring coming down the road and even a summer when we will see the Sun and maybe even the SON! I can honestly say I have not lost one moments rest as we have all traveled through the troubled season we have had to endure. Sadly, I have witnessed many Christians seemingly engulfed with the fear that has been brought on by the virus, politics, economy, and civil unrest. It has been a time for prayer and also comfort knowing we are in His care. I do NOT trust in Politicians, Health officials or being politically correct for my contentment and peace. None of this has caught my God off guard. He has not been taking a vacation. I am resting in His strength knowing my Saviors return is closer than it was yesterday!


Mary and I left Colorado and headed on out to Kansas. We have been singing but wanted to take some time to be at our home church and were able to spend a couple of midweek prayer meeting services. The added blessing is our youngest daughter and family are members of our home church too. So, we got spend time with the grandkids. We were also able to attend our Missions conference. Although I could not stay for the whole week, Mary was able to. Once again the Lord blessed and our church family stepped out even further for the spreading of the gospel through Faith Promise Missions.


We have been in Kansas and Nebraska since leaving Colorado. The Lord has blessed in each church we have been able to sing. I also was able to lead the music and sing for the High Plains Men’s Retreat. The opportunity to be with all the men again was a blessing. Pastor Clifton Mizer and Evangelist Rodney Woodcock did a great job preaching. We even had one man saved. Praise the Lord! I am on a plane as I try and type this letter. I had the great honor of flying out to Portland to be with Pastor Rick Adams and the folks of Greater Portland Baptist Church. Our friendship with Bro. Rick goes back many years. What a privilege it was to be with them again.


As we go deeper into Fall we will be in Arkansas and Texas. I look forward to the churches we will be singing in and the challenge of presenting music that uplifts the name of our Savior and the hearts of so many who feel the weight of a troublesome world. This has been a common statement from many pastors the last few months as they express, “ Bro. Mark, this is exactly what we needed!” Please pray for us as we continue to travel and serve as best we can in this unique time.


In His service,


Mark & Mary Gray