Spring has sprung and Summer is a Comin’

God is Good All the Time!


One of the dearest friends I have ever had was Kevin O’Brien. He would often say “God is good all the time!” Another of our pastor friends, Bob Counts, would often say to his congregation, “God is good!” And the members would shout out, “All the time!” Joel Counts now carries on this tradition, after taking the reins from his dad.   It was such a blessing to be there last month and hear these folks shouting back, “God is good, all the time!”


Certainly, Mary and I are living examples of how good God is. Since the middle of January, we have been able to travel to AZ, CA, NV, and now NM. We’ve had a tremendous beginning to the new year of 2021. Now in April, we can truly say the Lord has been blessing churches, even through the past whacko year we have all had to endure. It is a great blessing to be able to report, almost every church we have sung for since the whole “JUNK” stuff began has seen their general fund go up, and even their missions increase. This has happened even with the decline in attendance do to the restrictions so many were subjected to. Now, as most churches are assembling in a more normal manner, folks are starting to come back together; and they are enjoying the renewed fellowship one with another, as they now have seen how quickly it can be taken for granted.


From Missions Conferences to special services and concerts, we continue to praise the Lord for how He uses music to reach into the hearts of hearers. I have been singing a couple new songs that we will be recording later this year. One, in particular, is “I’ve Already Won The War.” It seems the message is timely and is just the thing people need to be reminded of in the last days in which we’re living. Let me share the lyrics:


Verse One:

This ol’ world’s a battlefield where we must fight each day

To overcome the evil one and send him on his way

Like a man ‘or his Almighty God, and there’s no greater near or far

I may loose a battle now and then, but I’ve already won the war

Verse Two:

When you’re afraid and all alone, and think that no one cares

When the daily task of getting by has caused you to despair

Just take God’s word into your heart and on His promise stand

You know, you may loose a battle now and then, but the victory’s in God’s hand


You can have this confidence that helps to see you through

If you’ll but give Him residence and let Him live inside of you

Verse Three:

He never promised that it’s easy, but salvation’s worth some scars

I may loose a battle now and then…

Oh, but I’ve already won,

And the victory’s mine,

I’ve already won the war


I think we can all agree, we’ve been in a battle. It didn’t begin with the “Junk.” It began in the Garden, thousands of years ago. Christ went to battle at Calvary; and even though we might lose a battle periodically, in Him, we have already won the war!   Praise the Lord, I almost want to shout, even as I type this thought! Until then, Mary and I will continue to travel, utilizing Eph. 6:10-17. Thank the Lord for the spiritual armour He provides to us for the battles we face.


In His service,

Mark & Mary Gray